n to the Earl of Morton.In p. 49 of Carew’s Histor

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n to the Earl of Morton.In p. 49 of Carew’s History, St. Neot is printed by mistake St. Wot. (This error is corrected in Lord de Dunstanville’s edition, p. 135. Ed.)THE EDITOR.Mr. Tonkin has not stated with his general accuracy the value assigned to the vicarage of St. Neot in the Taxation of Pope Nicholas. The entry in the parliamentary publication stands thus:The following entry occurs in the valuation of property belonging to the priory of Montacute, at its surrender to the king, preserved in the First Fruits Office.Sanctus Neotus.— Valet in exit’ xmar’ pdial’ psonal’ cum al’ casual’ ibm c?ib; annis £14. ulta 13s. 4d. in feod’ Johs Calwey, ball’ ibm, p annu’ clare £13. 6s. 8d.Mr. Lysons gives a very detailed account of the different manors in this parish, and of the descents and alienations of each, but wholly uninteresting to any othe
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