ity. In it is a monument to the memory of Richard

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ity. In it is a monument to the memory of Richard Bennet, counsellor at law, who died in 1619. And another of artificial stone, with the following inscription:—Underneath lieth the body of Richard Coffin, Esq.and also some of his nearest and dearest relations,who resided for many generations at Hexworthy, in this county.He was the son of Edward Bennet and Honor his wife,daughter of Richard Coffin, of Portledge in Devon, Esq.and Honor his wife, who was daughter of Edmund Prideaux, of Padstow, this county.Dying without issue, in him ended the lineal descent ofthe families of Bennet and Coffin.He was born in the year 1715, and died Sept. 30, 1796.This gentleman gave Hexworthy to one of his relations, the Prideauxes of Padstow.The lessees of the great manor having neglected to renew their holding, it reverted to Doctor George Lavington, 4 Bishop of Exeter fom 1746 to 1762, who made a new lease in favour of his only child, afterwards married to
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